Zsig PU Overgrips | 12-Grip Wallet (Colours)


A zipped wallet of our new tacky PU replacement overgrips, in four bright colours - perfect for revamping a tired grip with a dash of individuality, and comfort. 

Overgrips are thin and designed to be applied over the base grip to give a fresh, clean, comfortable surface without having to replace the actual base racket grip - with the advantage that the base grip lasts longer. Pros will change overgrips every time they play; recreational players less frequently, but for both they are an easy way to prevent having to change the racket grip so often.

Dry grips absorb moisture, and tacky grips are designed to stop the hand slipping on the racket handle.

How to apply an overgrip? Unwrap the tape (but save the black tape, you'll need it!) and unpeel the protective plastic film layer. Using the adhesive at the end of the narrow tip of the tape, anchor it at the end of the racket handle, and wind the tape across and round the handle, pulling it taut and overlapping by about a quarter of the tape as you go. When you reach the end of the handle, use the black tape to fasten it down. Job done.

Suitable for all racket sports.

A wallet of 12 grips here, a handy addition to a sports bag. Also sold individually, and in packs of 50.