Wounded Zsignet? 

Repair, refresh!

We are always delighted to welcome back into the warehouse old war horse Zsignet frames, and it's especially great when some of the early designs we made back in the nineties turn up, kept in good nick by our handy repair service. Zsignets are sturdy and built to last. But accidents can occur (children jumping up and down on the leg supports isn't ideal), and a hard-working Zsignet can get injured or a little wearied in the line of duty. 

None of which matters, because we can put it all right.

We will collect the injured or weary frame by courier, bring it back to the warehouse, give it a full repair and refurbishment to bring it back to almost new, and send it back home to you in a couple of days.  We don't replace missing steel tube, but we clean it all up, replace bungee and any other needy parts, and get the frame working again.

All you have to do is contact us to book it in, and arrange a suitable day for collection. Ideally, someone should sign for the collection, but if this isn't possible the frames can be left for collection at an agreed location.  Prices below are for UK addresses only.

Packing frames for collection

Don't send us the carry bag or the net - just the frame or frames.

Here's the important bit. We don't expect you to have the original box (if you do, brilliant! Skip to the next paragraph). The easiest solution for most people is to use a bin bag of decent thickness, and wrap the frame/s in it using gaffer tape or packing tape to support the tubes (don't spare the tape, it's key here). The tubes are steel, and if the steel pierces the bin bag, the courier can refuse to handle the package - and your frame can be further damaged. So any bubble wrap or other protection you have handy to put round the frames first is very helpful, and some cardboard or newspaper and good taping at either end of the frame should prevent the bag splitting. Imagining your frames being launched into or out of the back of a courier van (it can happen with all couriers) isn't a bad idea when packing.

We wouldn't advise that you pack more than two frames together.

Our courier will label the package, but a note in the package with your name and contact details is useful.

How much does it cost?

Costs include tracked and insured courier collection, full repair service, and delivery back to you. Prices are inclusive of VAT. 

Net frames each

1 net frame £30
2-3 net frames £27
4+ net frames £24


Looking for extra nets or replacement carry bags? You'll find them here in our shop, alongside each net frame.

Anything else you'd like to know?

Call us on 44-161 484 5000, or email admin@zsig.com