Tennis | Zsignet 42 (12.8m) Full Size Portable Net System

SKU: ZS-42-T

Proudly introducing our full-size portable Tennis Net!

The Zsignet 42 (12.8m) is a full doubles length, and full height tennis net system, shown in the images here next to a standard fixed tennis net.

Despite its 42 foot (12.8m) length, it's as nimble as you'd expect from a Zsignet system. The frame comes in three easily managed pieces, and set up straight out of the bag takes just a few minutes.

The tennis net uses our Zsignet bungee system for tensioning, and a single net spans the entire 12.8m length. Two end sleeves go over each side pole, as usual. However, we use an innovative mini centre frame to maintain net height, and a narrow central sleeve holds the net in place.

How portable is it? We've designed a bespoke zipped holdall which the net system fits neatly into, with both end and top handles. It's narrow, but features two wheels, so it's really easy manoeuvre on to court and into place - no pulling or pushing of wheeled metal frames needed here. The holdall itself is a surprisingly compact design, and will take up very little car boot or store room shelf space. Complete packed weight - net frame, net, holdall and shipping box - is a mere 16.5 kg.

Robust? Will it take the pace of a tennis ball? Absolutely.

This means, of course, that you can easily set up a full tennis court anywhere you find a suitable surface. So, if you're a school or a community centre without dedicated tennis facilities....consider your car park or multi-sports surface. And get in touch for more information. 

*Images show the Zsignet 48 (12.8m) next to a standard tennis net, with thanks to David Lloyd, Cheadle.