If it isn’t what you thought it was, send it back. We’ll exchange it or give you a full refund for the value of the goods. 

Changed your mind?

If you've ordered the wrong item or changed your mind, please notify us within 7 working days of delivery and we’ll advise you how to proceed depending on the product concerned; many of our products are heavy and it will depends on size and weight. Call or email us.

If it's a light item and you're sending it back by post, we strongly recommend that you send it Recorded Delivery. We cannot accept responsibility for a lost or damaged delivery to us which was not guaranteed.

Goods must be returned to us in unused condition within 14 days. 

Damaged or faulty items

 If your order from us has been damaged in transit or is in any way faulty, please notify us within 3 working days of delivery. Hang on to all packaging. Zsig will arrange and pay for collection from you, and replace or refund your order.

We got it wrong?

If we made an error processing your order, please notify us within 3 working days of receiving the package and we’ll look into it and sort it.

Zsig’s Refund and Return Policy does not affect your statutory rights.
Contact:  sales@zsig.com +44 (0) 161 484 5000

Return address:

Zsig (Returns)
Unit 7, Chadkirk Business Park
Vale Road
SK6 3NE 
United Kingdom