If it isn’t what you thought it was, send it back. We’ll exchange it or give you a full refund for the value of the goods.

Reasons for return

Changed your mind?

If you've ordered the wrong item or changed your mind, please notify us within 7 working days of delivery and we’ll advise you how to proceed (many of our products are heavy) and authorise the return.

Hang on to the box it arrived in. Options are to send it back yourself, using a tracked delivery service so that you follow it, or ask us to arrange a courier collection. Either way, please secure the packaging (see below).

Goods must be returned to us in unused condition within 14 days. We'll refund once the goods come into our warehouse.

Damaged or faulty items

If you've received an order which has been damaged in transit, or is faulty in any way, please notify us within 3 working days of delivery. Hang on to all packaging.

We got it wrong?

If we made an error processing your order, please notify us within 3 working days of receiving the package and we’ll look into it and sort it.


Returning your item

Packing your item for a return

Back in the day, we happily advised people to use strong bin bags and gaffer tape for our net system Repair Service. Ignore this! Couriers now have automated processes using conveyor belt and scanner processes which hate oversize parcels, plastic and tape.

Boxes are best. Use packing tape to secure the box well. Please add a note to the delivery note you received from us confirming the reason for your return.

How to return your item

Once it's packed up, choose any tracked courier option. Dropping off your parcel at a collection point means you won't be waiting around for a courier collection, but take a look at Parcel2Go (or equivalent).

If you'd prefer us to collect your item from you, let us know and we'll advise the cost based on item size and your location.

Return address

Zsig (Returns)
Unit 7, Chadkirk Business Park
Vale Road
United Kingdom

Zsig’s Refund and Return Policy does not affect your statutory rights.

Contact: sales@zsig.com +44 (0) 161 484 5000