[YO]2 Woodyo | + First Yo-yo Tips & Tricks


This is a really great classic intro yo-yo, which we've partnered with a fun how-to booklet.

The Woodyo is beautifully crafted from maple hardwood in the US to the highest standards along the lines of classic yo-yos. Long free spin, and perfect for loop the loop.

The booklet gives basic safety information, shows you how to change the string, loop the string and demonstrates tricks such as the sleeper, walk the dog, planet hop, tidal wave, pin wheel, dog bite, forward pass, rock the baby...endless fun!

A lovely present for anyone interested in the art of yo-yo, whatever age.

Shape: Classic
Weight: 56.7g
Diameter: 55.6mm
Width: 33mm
Gap Width: 3.2mm
Gap Type: Fixed
Axle or Bearing Type: Wood Axle
Stock Response System: NA
Special Features: Multicolored three piece maple hardwood

Age 8+