Throw Down Lines | Pink | Set of 48


Court or pitch sports markers for tennis, hockey or any sport where you need a temporary line. And here in pink!

How do you use them? Simply throw them down, wherever you are, to create an court  or mark a space of the size you want.
  • Durable and practical, with a textured underside, and bevelled edges
  • Which means they don't slip on most surfaces, and won't trip you up
  • Longer length - 45 cms. Width 7cms
  • Easy to pack away, stack and store
  • Quality UK-made product.

Set of 48 (two packs) Throw Down Lines. Now with handy velcro carry harness - easier to pack lines away and store them straight. Corner Strips available separately.

Pink a little too much? No worries. We still do sets of 24 & 48 Throw Down Lines in our lovely bright yellow.