Tennis is Mental Too | Stephen Renwick


"This book is for any player, regardless of ability, who is serious about how  the mental side of tennis can help them win. Learning to utilise and manage a positive mental attitude brings another dimension to your game. Stephen Renwick's knowledge of psychology and in particular neuro-linguistic programming will help you analyse your performance so that you can identify which aspects of your game to replace or modify. This will inspire a new focused confidence, a mental toughness and self-belief that will separate you from the rest.

Remember that tennis is a sport played on a court and a game played in the mind." Andrew Peden PhD, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Building on the 'racket bag' pocket book of tennis wisdom 'Tennis is Mental', in 'Tennis Is Mental Too' Stephen Renwick helps you to master mental skills to enhance your play.

Stephen Renwick has over 20 years' playing experience, has trained with some of the top squads in the UK and has been coaching for the past 12 years with a focused interest in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), psychology and performance.