Standard 10in Balloons | Pack of 20

SKU: KS-BL10-20

11 inch balloons in packs of 20.

When you think about it, balloons are an ideal way to introduce children to connecting with a moving object - balloons float slowly, giving young children lots more time to get at them.

Use balloons as an effective (and very cost-effective) way to teach early catching and striking skills - hit with a hand, or with Zsig's Hitting hands to take things one stage nearer hitting with a bat or racket.

To give more weight to the balloon (and prevent accidental scary bursts) you might want to look at Zsig's Balloon Ball cover - a stretchy cover which protects and makes the balloon behave more like a ball.

Our Standard Balloons are 10", and in high quality latex.

Come in packs of 20 balloons, so enter the quantity as the number of packs you want to buy.