Roll Down Lines | Sideline Set of 4


Safety Roll Down Lines 

Our Orange Court temporary lines are manufactured from an extremely durable 100% natural rubber, are totally waterproof, weather resistant and easy to clean.

Most importantly, these lines have  a fine-ribbed safety surface on their upper side for sure footing with a textured underside which grips the court surface. 

Roll Down Lines are black, which is highly visible on most court surfaces.

Our Roll Down Lines are packed two rolls to a handy carry pole. Each line is secured to the pole by a velcro fitting, and there's a velcro strap to keep it secured in its roll.  

A Side-line set of flexible and economical Roll Down Lines gives you:

  •   4  lines which can be used interchangeably as baselines or sidelines. So no messing about    wondering which is which.
  •   Length: 27ft (8.23m)
  •   Made from 100% natural rubber
  •   Ribbed safety upper surface
  •   Textured under surface to grip the court
  •   Velcro fastening tape attachments to secure the roll
  •   Handy carry poles