Nello is simple, well-designed and beautifully made.

A  Nello set is a very high-quality (this is no floppy, light plastic affair) brightly coloured puzzle or nesting toy of three smooth, curved coloured rings. Educational uses include teaching very small children colours, and coordination. 

But Nello can also be many things. A sand or water toy: those three curved rings can be a floating island in the bath, a mould for sand games, a moat. And children use them creatively in endless ways in imaginative play. 

Games? You can roll, spin, throw and catch them. And they make great tiddlywinks targets.

  • Three piece multi-functional set
  • Endless creative uses
  • Collectible
  • BPA, phthalate and latex free
  • Very cool box packaging. A lovely gift.
  • Designed in Switzerland 

 Age: 1+