Mini Tennis | Green Stage | Link Green Ball


Mini Tennis Ball 25% slower than a full-pace tennis ball for controlled play on the full court.

  • Reduced pace for controlled play, but designed for use on a full sized tennis court
  • Recommended racket size: 25"-26"
  • Age 9-10 (Green Stage 1) coaching
  • Excellent ball for all age starter players
  • Official ITF Approved Ball

We developed the prototype of this ball, back in the day, to enable transition from the three-quarters size Orange court to the full-size tennis court. So we called it The Link. Which it is.

An excellent teaching tool for all ages, the Link Green provides the link between mini tennis and full court play by covering the full size tennis court while offering controlled pace and easier ball control.

Which means what, exactly?

It means that if you're teaching a class of school children or adult learners, more time is spent learning and hitting than searching for and picking up randomly flying tennis balls.

And it's the next stage for mini tennis learners - on to a full-size tennis court, but with better behaved balls.

Buy singly here. Also available in dozens, 5-dozen bags, 8-dozen buckets and cartons of 10 dozen balls.