Junior Tug of War Rope


So much fun to be had with a good, old-fashioned Tug of War (or Tug o' War). 

It's a fine, fun way to end an event, be it a tournament, training session or Summer Fete (ours always ends with a mass boys v girls test of stamina, and much hilarity).

It's also, of course, a serious sport, governed by the Tug Of War International Federation and with Club, National and International Championships.

This Junior Tug of War rope is in an appealing bright red and yellow. The outer material is matt polyester, so is soft on the hand - you don't want rope burns. The braided construction is 8-plait, which is strong and also allows a good grip

Mildew-resistant and UV-resistant. Rope ends are sealed.

A great value addition to your sports store cupboard. Just don't forget that it's only fair for teams to change ends. Someone always complains there's a slope...