Juggle Squares | Set of 6


Juggle Squares in packs of 6.

If you haven't got Juggle Squares in your coaching kit, you don't know what you're missing.

Yes, they're easier to catch than a ball, because they float and drift toward the floor, so young children will stand a good chance of a successful catch (and we all know how successful a motivator success is).

And, yes, you can move on to learning how to juggle with them.

But why limit things?

Tie them round a ball, throw, watch, and learn about trajectory.

Tie a square around a ball, slow down its flight, and make the ball easier to catch.

Make a game - they look like ghosts in flight, or fish, swimming.

And maybe your game could involve throwing and catching your 'ghosts'  in something... see Easy Catch Nets.

Mixed bright colours.

Juggle Squares come in packs of 6. Enter quantity as the number of packs you want to buy.

Age: 3+