Guatemalan KickBag Ball | Hacky Sac | Set of 3


A set of three lovely, colourful, soft, safe, crocheted balls, hand made in Guatemala! 

They're hand-sized, and work well as practice juggling balls, or in throwing practice for very young children - there's enough weight behind them, but they won't hurt, do much damage, or roll away.

They're also used as kick bags for FootBag.

Footbag? Footbag is definitely a thing. In it's simplest form, it involves kicking and keeping the 'sac' up in the air for as many kicks as possible. In its evolved form, it's a technically difficult competitive sporting discipline with a players' association, and tournaments. Footbag Net combines the court strategy of tennis with the set and spike strategy of volleyball. Footbag Freestyle is competitive freestyling tricks and choreography to music. 

Also available singly.