Crazy Catch Freestyle


What we like about this rebound net is its versatility. It's hand-held (two bolt-on handles), easily carried around, and the net is two-sided, giving you both the 'sane' - easier - and 'insane' options, the latter for more random bounces.

In practice, this means that, for tennis coaches, it's an excellent tool to use up at the net for quick reaction volley drills, and a great choice for warm up drills and exercises. With or without a racket, use a variety of balls, on or off-court. 

Speed up football and hockey goalkeeping reaction times, too, with drills for two or more players. Because the Freestyle rebound net is held by a player or coach who can vary the net angle, rebounds can be directed as well as unpredictable.

Cricket bowling and deflection drills? Definitely. More sports? All sports need reaction training! But the Freestyle is equally just the thing to take to the beach for team games and family fun.

  • Size: 52cm x 52cm
  • Comes in a carry case
  • Two bolt-on handles

Take a look at the Freestyle in action here.