Chinese Jump Rope


Chinese Jump Rope is a multiskill game which uses agility, balance, coordination and rhythm. (Why Chinese? The game originated in 7th Century China. It's also known as French Skipping).

Advantages are that it takes very little space, very little equipment and is an excellent warm-up or cool-down exercise. Can be played in small groups of 3-5 or larger, but is typically played with three.

How to play? Have two people stand a few feet apart with the jump rope around their ankles and held taut between them. Others take turns to jump the rope in patterns, which can be called out by one of the others - or the coach. The patterns increase in difficulty, and raising the rope height makes  jumping harder. When you're 'out' by missing a step, you take a turn holding the elastic rope. 

Lots of 'how to' videos on YouTube showing different game patterns!

Our Chinese Jump Rope is pink and white rounded woven elastic, so comfortable. 3m length.

We'd recommend it for age 4 and above.