Agility Footwork Ladder | Curved Flat Rung | 4.7m


Curved Agility Footwork Ladders allow multi-directional training, from swerves to full circles. Agility Ladders have connectors, which allow you to join two or more and create a much longer run. Soft, flattened rungs add grip, and are safer than round rungs on an indoor surface.

Uses include:

  • Warm-up
  • Obstacle course set up
  • Speed-feet pattern training
  • Lateral speed training
  • Change of direction speed training
  • Balance improvement
  • Stride techniques
  • Jump training
  • Arm control training

Product features:

  • Soft, flattened, non-slip rungs
  • Tough webbing side strips keep the shape distance between rungs consistent
  • Lightweight, yet remains in position
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Nylon connectors allow multiple ladders to be used at once to create a longer run
  • Bright yellow for high-visibility
  • Easy to store, easy to set out and easy to clean

Our Curved Indoor 4.7m Agility Footwork Ladder has:

  • 11 rungs per ladder
  • Nylon connectors at the end of each rung
  • Rungs spaced 42-49cm apart
  • Is double stitched with anti-rot thread