Easy Catch Net

£6.25 exc. VAT

Zsig's Easy Catch Net is a great fun way of introducing young children to tracking, catching and aiming ball skills.

Call it a 'fishing net', and encourage children to fish for balls in flight, for example.

In classes, pair children so one holds the Easy Catch Net and catches and one practises aiming at the net, progressing from a stationery to a moving target - team games for older children.

Take a look at our images here for ideas. Use with a Balloon Ball, with its slow, gentle flight. Slow down a sponge ball, by tying Juggle Squares around it (which makes it into a fish, or a ghost - you choose!). Then progress to a sponge ball.

Good choice for parents looking for a versatile piece of equipment which has great game potential with serious skill development benefits.

You can also attach the Easy Catch Net to a pole, cone and clip (available from Zsig) to give a free-standing target.

Drawstring at the bottom of the net for easy emptying.  And if you're using a pole, cone and clip, why not place a bucket underneath, say, so the balls drop through?

Made by us, in the UK.

Age: 3+