Easy Catch Balloon Ball | with 2 Standard 10 inch Balloons


Create a light, hard-wearing starter ball from your balloons!

Insert a standard sized balloon in your Balloon Ball cover, blow it up and you've got a superb ball for teaching young children tracking, catching and striking skills And no scary burst balloons.

The washable stretchy Balloon Ball cover adds weight to the balloon so it performs more like a ball, but with slower pace - and gives a great sound when you hit it.

As well as simple throw and catch, our Easy Catch Balloon Balls have velcro-friendly panels, designed to 'stick' to the vecro on our Easy Catch Happy Faces. A perfect pairing!

For older kids, Zsig's Balloon Ball is brilliant for long volleyball rallies over a volleyball height Zsignet.

Comes supplied with two standard sized balloons. Extras available.

Washable cover, with neat clever balloon tie design. UK-made.

Mixed bright jewel colours.

Age: 3+