Mini Tennis | Classic Zsignet 20 | 6m Net


Our best-selling full-size 6m Mini Tennis Net System, seen hard at work in tennis academies, clubs and schools internationally. And a popular choice for larger gardens, too.

Like all Zsignets, it's constantly being refined and updated. Like all Zsignets, it's made by us, here in the UK, using top quality materials.

The frame is in thicker gauge steel, which now goes through two processes for added weather-protection. Our patented shoulder design gives added support and stability.  We use our new, customised toughened bungee throughout. And we make the net using soft, thick-gauge netting and a UV-resistant headband.

It's light, easy to transport and store, and easy to put up and take down.

Comes with a sturdy, reinforced carry bag.  Replacement bags and nets are always available, too. If you're coaching and using a lot of nets, take a look at our double-net wheeled bag, which we designed to carry two 6m frames and wheel on court.

 Check out these features:

  • New weather-proofing with an anti-corrosion galvanised and passivated steel frame
  • Thicker gauge steel wall
  • Unique sturdy, patented-design shoulder joints for stability
  • UV-resistant headband
  • Top-quality, knotless netting
  • Zsig's customised toughened bungee cord holding all frame pieces together
  • Length 6m
  • Height 80cm
  • UK-made by Zsig

Speedy repairs, reconditioning and replacement parts available on all Zsignets! We collect & return, usually in a couple of days. Contact Zsig.

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