Pro Coach Mini Compact Cart | holds 144 balls

SKU: BS-CT-144

Your smartphone (aka your portable office) goes everywhere with you. Which means, it's on court when you're coaching. Rehydration? Your drinks bottle is on court with you, too.

So we redesigned our Pro Coach Mini Compact Cart bag. Secure velcro pocket for smartphone or small tablet? Check. Water bottle holder? Check.

No phone flying out of your pocket, or heading to the sidelines for a drinks break? 


Our Mini Coach Cart is extraordinarily compact. How compact? It concertinas down into a surprisingly small and extraordinarily light column.

Which is so compact you can easily hold it in one hand, is easy to carry and store, and takes seconds to pack away into its carry case.

But take it out of its case and it snaps back into a sturdy ball cart frame holding a clip-on holdall of up to a whopping 144 tennis balls, at convenient ball feeding height!

The Pro Coach Mini Compact bag is a quality product too, with tough zip and comfortable carrying handles. And a mesh cover, so you can see the contents - and the balls can air. To assemble the cart, all you do is let the frame legs spring apart, drop the holdall into the frame and secure the four corners with their pin hooks.

So the Pro Coach Compact cart is light, compact, easy to store and easy to set up - but there's another real advantage over conventional teaching carts.

We sell the ball holdalls separately too. Which means you can store your Red, Orange & Green or training balls in their own individual holdall in the boot of your car - they stack easily and take up very little space -  and simply swap the holdall over as you change your coaching class.

And you only need one cart - and no more emptying the teaching cart before the next class!

The Pro Coach Mini Compact Cart includes frame, frame carry case and one Pro Coach Mini Compact Holdall.

Light aluminium frame. Wheels with brake locks.