Pro Coach Mini Compact Cart Bag | holds 144 balls


We've added a secure pocket for your smartphone or small tablet, or other valuables, with velcro fastening.  And a handy holder for your water bottle. No need to risk your phone flying out of a pocket when you're coaching, or to traipse courtside for a water break. Clip the Pro Coach Bag on to the Mini Compact Cart, and off you go!

We've also added new, chunky zip detail.

Our Pro Coach Mini Compact Cart Bag is a top quality ball bag in its own right, with strong, comfortable handles, a tough zip and a mesh cover, which allows you both to see and air the balls and folds back out of the way when you're feeding balls.

Why would you need to see them?

Here's the smart part.

Say you're teaching Mini Tennis Red, Orange and Green on the same day. You store each colour ball in its own bag, which fit easily together in the boot of your car, assuming you're travelling to a class. Or your club store room.

Throw the balls in loose, use one of our 5-dozen drawstring carry bags.

With our extremely compact, light and very portable Pro Coach Mini Compact Cart, all you need is one cart.

Simply clip the right bag on for your class. Sorted.