Your Child Their Sport | Christopher Dunkley


A guide to heping your children develop a solid base set of  skills that can later be directed into the sports of their choice.

The emphasis in sports teacher and coach Christopher Dunkley's book is on motor skills, co-ordination and dexterity, all presented as fun games and practices with plenty of background information on child development.

'This book and the suggestions in it are designed (along with a card system) to get parents and teachers to work together in a way that will help children develop the basic skills that will in later life be applicable to major sports and games. The role of parents will be to play with, encourage and assist the learning process in a way that shows understanding and complements the PE the children are experiencing in school,' says Dunkley.

Sample chapters:

  • Your Child and the National Curriculum
  • Child Development and Skill Learning
  • Play Skills and Developing Ideas
  • Skill Learning in the Environment
  • Moving on to Sport
  • The Final Whistle.