XaXa Juggling Ball | Blue & Pink


XaXa Blue & Pink

XaXa (pronounce it KsaKsa) are juggling balls which shake, rattle and roll.

The balls consist of a shock-resistant, clear plastic core in two halves which can be opened up and filled with different objects to change the sound or weight. Rice is good.

This core is protected by a soft and tactile super-elastic rubber skin, stretchy enough for you to be able to remove the inner ball easily.

And with the inner ball removed, try experimenting. What can you place inside the stretchy skin to make

a) a soft bouncy ball    b)a ball which is easy to catch?

Clue: consider a balloon, a sock, and a Juggle Square.

Colors: cyan/magenta, yellow/cyan, magenta/yellow
Material: core: polycarbonate, skin: TPR, 100% phthalates and latex free
Diameter: 70mm, weight: 75g

Age: 3+

See XaXa in action: