Tailball Tennis Trainer | Pair


Tailball, yes. But not as you might know it.

Here, the tail is attached to an actual ball. The 'tail' really slows down the flight of the ball, which is why it's so great for early tennis training. And the ball bounces consistently well, and also sits up nicely for a hit (yes,despite the tail).  You'd think that the tail would get in the way of a decent return, but no - quite amazingly,  it works so that there's plenty of ball space available to be hit back.

All good. Very slow flight, time to get in place for a return. Success. Which is why you'll be seeing it tailballing around some national coaching initiatives this year.

We've packaged it for coaches, teachers (and parents), so you won't be spending on retail printed packaging, you just get the goods.  (Let us know if you'd rather have the whole printed packaging thing, by the way. We are aware it does 'enhance', and we're interested to know your thoughts.)

Two Tailballs in a set, complete with tails. Two spare tails per set.

3+  (Teeny tiny!)