String Thing | String Straightener


Straight strings in seconds - and keep your fingernails intact and pain free? Impossible?

Not with this clever little device. String Thing straightens mains and crosses at the same time. All you do is run it up and down the strings a couple of times and String Thing's Teflon-reinforced nylon cog wheels will force the strings into alignment.

Why bother aligning the strings, anyway? Straight strings without gaps give you more contact with the ball. In the normal course of a match, particularly if you're using top spin and slice, strings move and many players get into the habit of checking string alignment after points or at changeovers.

So put a String Thing in your tennis bag!

  • simple to use
  • straightens strings in far less time
  • straightens mains and crosses at the same time
  • straight strings means better shots and more control
  • won't damage strings
  • virtually indestructible: made of polycarbon and Teflon-reinforced nylon

Open version: for rackets with a stringing pattern of 16 x 19, where the string space is more than 8mmS