Strike Station


Some issues with parts supply - temporarily out of stock

NEW Introducing our newest version of the Strike Station, the portable and fun tool for teaching a variety of hitting skills.

What's new? 

Raising and lowering the hitting height of the ball is now by twist and lock on the frame, rather than the ball neck, which increases stability - and the ball and neck is a replaceable part. We've also made a smart carry bag. 

How to use the Strike Station? 

  • For beginners, the Strike Station helps you develop the basic rhythm of hitting the ball. Vary the height of the ball to suit your student, and vary the speed of the ball return to increase the challenge.
  • Moving on, teach different hitting points - a rising ball, a falling ball, the top of the bounce.
  • Teach hitting through the ball with full pace driving - the ball will bounce to the floor and back.
  • Teach shot variation: forehand slice, backhand slice, forehand volley, backhand volley.
  • Practice combinations of shot, such as full drive followed by slice and volley, or approach shot and volley.
  • Interchange forehands and backhands, and bring in footwork and movement into your drills.
  • Introduce to drills between pairs of players, alternating hitting.

As a teaching aid, the Strike Station is highly flexible. It's easy to lower or raise the height of the ball or increase or decrease the cord tension to alter the speed with which the ball returns. 

The Strike Station is patented, made by us in the UK to our usual high standards, and we've been working on it and testing it for some time. We're really proud of this new addition to our team!