Para2 One Paddleball | Yellow


Para 2 One is a radical and unique patent-pending paddleball re-design, allowing you to flip from forehand to backhand fora  massively extended range of tricks and play possibilities.

The first thing you notice is the paddle's asymmetric shape, and the 'switch gap' in the paddle - it's this that lets you swing the string through to the reverse side mid-play.

String length can be varied by rotating the red ball, cleverly ensconced in the paddle handle, which stores the string: rotating the ball winds in the string.

An elastic ring (spares included with the product) attaches the elastic string to the yellow play-ball.

Sturdy handle, ergonomically designed for comfort. 

Advanced new features:

  • Switch Gap:  enables back & forehand play
  • Asymmetric Shape: makes sideways strokes easy
  • 2 hole setup: service & play options
  • Service Ball: string storage & length adjustment
  • String Channel System: neat and hidden string placement
  • Ergonomic Handle 

Playing ball: One piece of durable, soft and lightweight PU foam. The rebound and response impact behavior is perfect for beginners to advanced and pro-players.

Service ball: High grade silicon material for smooth handling in two halves. Stores additional string and makes adjustment of string length easy, precise and fast.

30 Paddleball tricks booklet included. Spare Service balls, Playing balls, string and clips in stock.

Get some inspiration here : A Classic Reinvented.