Roll Down Lines | Full Orange Court Set of 6


Safety Roll Down Lines 

They definitely aren't orange, but this safety set of Roll Down Lines is designed for the LTA's 'Orange' sized court, and the Orange stage of coaching. As you can see, they're black, which is highly visible on most court surfaces.

Made from an extremely durable 100% natural rubber, they're waterproof, weather resistant, unaffected by temperature extremes, and easy to clean. That said, it's not a great idea to leave them outside permanently. They are temporary lines, which roll up easily for storage.

Safety features are a fine-ribbed safety surface on the upper side for sure footing with a textured underside which grips the court surface. 

Packed two rolls to a handy carry pole. Each line is secured to the pole by a velcro fitting, and there's a velcro strap to keep it secured in its roll.  

A full Orange Court set of flexible and economical Roll Down Lines gives you:

  •  6 lines which can be used interchangeably as baselines or sidelines. So no messing about  wondering which is which.
  •  Length: 27ft (8.23m)
  •  Made from 100% natural rubber
  •  Ribbed safety upper surface
  •  Textured under surface to grip the court
  •  Velcro fastening tape attachments to secure the roll
  •  Handy carry poles