Mini Tennis | Red Stage | SLOcoach Big Red Balls | Dozen (12)



  • Larger-sized (70mm diameter) low energy Mini Tennis Ball designed for use on a Mini Tennis court
  • LTA Red Stage. ITF Play and Stay Stage 3
  • Official ITF Approved ball

Why on earth would you want a larger Mini Tennis Ball?

Because it's easier for learners to hit. It's a bigger target. And it's slower - the Big Red's reduced pace means learners of all ages achieve greater success. And with success come confidence, and the desire to learn more.

Zsig's SLOcoach Big Red Mini Tennis ball was tailor-made for the LTA's Red Stage and the ITF's Stage 3 Mini Tennis coaching programs, and quickly became one of our best-sellers.

But how much bigger is it? At 70mm, it's roughly eight percent bigger than a standard tennis ball.

In top quality, hard-wearing cloth.

Enter quantity in dozens.

Also available in bags of 60, buckets of 72 and cartons of 120 SLOcoach Big Red Mini Tennis balls.