Mini Tennis | Green Stage | Green Dot Ball


Mini Tennis Ball 25% slower than a full-pace tennis ball for controlled play on the full court.

  • Reduced pace for controlled play, but designed for use on a full sized tennis court
  • Recommended racket size: 25"-26"
  • Age 9-10 (Green Stage 1) coaching
  • Excellent ball for all age starter players

The Green Dot has exactly the same specs as our Link Mini Tennis Ball. So why did we bother producing it? Both balls are designed for slower, more easily controlled play over a full-sized tennis court.

Coaches know that it's far easier to teach beginners using a controlled pace tennis ball, and we find adult learners are more willing to be taught with a low energy ball if it looks like the real thing.

So the Green Dot looks exactly like a full-pace tennis ball. But with a subtle Green Dot (so you can tell it apart).

Buy singly here. Also available in dozens, 5-dozen (60-ball) bags, 8-dozen (96-ball) buckets and cartons of 10 dozen (120 ball) Green Dot Mini Tennis balls.