Mini Tennis | Classic Zsignet 20 6m Pair Set | in Bespoke Wheel-away Holdall

SKU: ZSS-20-MT-2

A pair of our newest (we're always working on the design) Classic Zsignet 20 6m Mini Tennis Nets, in our brand new bespoke double wheel-away holdall, designed for coaches.

Each Zsignet 20 sits neatly in its own compartment. The holdall is designed to do a job: it's tough, features sturdy wheels, a supported ridged base, both pulling and top strap handles. And it closes, very satisfyingly, with a chunky zip.

The ideal compact set for coaches; you get a pair of hard-working 6m net frames in a bag which is easy to transport between venues - and very easy to wheel on and off court. Or anywhere. 

You can buy the Wheel-away holdall on its own, too, here.