Mini Tennis | Double Wheel-away Holdall | for Classic Zsignet 20 6m Nets

SKU: ZSB-20-WH-2

This is our brand new, bespoke double wheeled holdall, which we've designed for coaches, and for a pair of Zsignet 20 6m Mini Tennis Nets.

It can be a pain hefting lots of frames around (light as they are, obviously). So we've made it even easier.

Each Zsignet 20 sits neatly in its own compartment, which keeps them securely in place. The holdall is designed to do a job: it's tough, features sturdy wheels, a supported ridged base, both pulling and top strap handles. And it closes, very satisfyingly, with a chunky zip.

The bag itself is compact, will be a welcome addition to your car boot if you're travelling, and very welcome if you're constantly getting net frames on and off court.

If you fancy getting your hands on one if these holdalls, but with a shiny pair of new Zsignet 20 nets nestled inside, we've got that sorted here.