Kick Start Base Set


When it's wet outside but the kids want some exercise, consider our Kick Start Base set - it's compact enough to set up in a small space.

And come the summer, take it all outdoors.

Our Kick Start Base Set includes:

  • one large cone
  • one support pole
  • rotating clip
  • a flat hoop

Zsig's clips rotate, so a flat hoop can be vertical (as a target) or horizontal (as, say, Mini Netball or Basketball).

Add an Easy Catch Net - using the drawstring at the bottom of the net lets your child catch and count how many "goals" she or he scored.

Add a Happy Face and a Balloon ball, and use the Kick Start Base Set as a throwing target for little ones - attach the Happy Face with a clip. Aim well, and your Balloon Ball will stick to the Happy Face's velcro surface.

Age: 3+