Hitting Hands | Pair


Hitting Hands | Pair...new colours

Teach early striking skills effectively and easily before you reach for a racket with our solidly constructed Hitting Hands.

Why? It's far easier for a child to manage connection with a ball without the added length to the arm you get with a racket.

How? Attach one Hitting Hand to the child's favoured (are they left handed? right handed?) hitting hand. Encourage hand-eye coordination development on BOTH sides of the body by attaching Hitting Hands to both hands - separately or at the same time!

And you don't have to be a young child to try two-handed volleying a ball with Hitting Hands, over a net or against a wall.

Use with sponge balls, or Zsig's Easy Catch Balloon Ball.

Colours: vary according to material supply!

Sold in pairs or Class Packs of 12.

NB. Enter quantity as the number of pairs of Hitting Hands you want.