Footy Tennis Set
Classic Zsignet 14
4.3m Set

£85.00 £70.83


Our Footy Tennis Net and Jumbo Tennis Ball makes a brilliant garden game set. 

Zsig's Footy Tennis Net is designed to withstand a tough coaching environment, but is a great piece of kit to keep kids active at home, too.

What is Footy tennis? Players kick-volley the ball to serve. Raise the net for header volleying (pairs, or teams). Use with the net lowered, and the upright poles are markers to create a target zone to kick through.

Match with Throw Down Lines or any of our cones to mark out boundaries. 

 Change the pace, and the game, and although it isn't official height for either, there's nothing stopping you lobbing a volleyball (use the Jumbo Tennis Ball or our soft play Volleyball) or a badminton shuttle over the net, either.

Comes with net frame carry bag.

This Footy Tennis Net System (made in the UK by us) features:

  • Solid, built-to-last construction in thick gauge weatherproofed steel.
  • Customised toughened bungee cord thoughout
  • Clips & bungee net tensioning
  • Zsig patented shoulder design
  • Top quality soft, tangle-free knotless thick-gauge net
  • Length: 4.3m
  • Height: 1.4m
  • UK-made by Zsig