Fitness & Balance Junior Ball Chair | No Frame | 45 cm diameter


If your kids are sitting at a desk, or in front of any kind of screen on a regular basis, consider encouraging them to do so sitting on a ball chair. It which will engage those important core muscles and discourage poor posture.

This Junior Ball Chair is made in Italy, great quality, and has cleverly designed little feet - designed to stop the ball rolling away. Not having a frame, of course, means that it's both easy to transport and needs very little storage.

Plus it's a fun gym ball in its own right, too.

If you'd prefer the framed Junior model, we have one right here.

Inflate at room temperature to the diameter specified, using a pump. Our Faster Blaster hand pump will do the job fast. You can use a standard bicycle pump, using the adapter included with the product, and also a foot pump - no adapter needed.

Age 5+