Easy Squeezy Ball | Small | 23cm



Hug an Easy Squeezy Ball today!

Easy Squeezy Balls are wonderfully tactile, large size inflatable balls in brilliant colours. 

They're fabulous for teaching early ball skills to young children (and work extremely well with special needs groups, too.) They're easy to grasp hold of, they're touch and durable, but they're also soft, squishy and totally non-sting.

So use for teaching early throwing and catching skills, and coordination games.

Easy Squeezy Balls also make excellent early balls for teaching volleyball and netball. 

Small size (23cm diameter). Colours: Blue, Yellow and Pink

Come folded flat with a blow-up tube and valve. 

  • Super-strong, durable material
  • Latex-free
  • Phthalate & BPA free

Age: 3+