Bilibo Pixel


Bilibo Pixel is a set of 36 brightly coloured changeable chips,  designed to fit into an elastic dice.

The dice is soft and slightly rounded, so will roll - as one idea, use it instead of a conventional dice as a way of teaching colours.

Or use the chips as tiddlywinks.  Or flick them with your finger and aim for a Bilibo Mini as target.

Use them as game pieces, play currency, thread them on a string or even add different faces with a marker.

Bilbo Pixel come in their own little drawstring 'pixel purse'.

  • Bilibo Pixel contains: Elastic dice, 36 color chips, pixel purse and information leaflet.
  • Dimensions: Dice  44mm   Chips 25mm
  • Material: Dice: TPR  Chips: ABS

Age: 4+