Fitness & Balance Ball Chair | No Frame | 65 cm diameter


The classic physiotherapy and gym core stability training 'Fitball' will also exercise those core muscles when used as a chair. Use one when you're studying or writing at a desk, and you'll soon notice the difference in your posture.

You can use an ordinary Gym Ball. But what happens when you get up? Does it annoy everyone by rolling off to the other side of the office?

Our lovely black Fitness & Balance Chair is the real deal, with a full frame and comfortable back rest. This new Ball Chair is a neat alternative. It has cleverly designed little feet, designed to stop the ball rolling away, and without stopping you using your core stability and posture while sitting on it.

Not having a frame, of course, means that it's both easy to transport and needs very little storage.

Made in Italy.

Please note that it's designed for body weight only; don't use when lifting weights.

Inflate at room temperature to the diameter specified, using a pump. Our Faster Blaster hand pump will do the job fast. You can use a standard bicycle pump, using the adapter included with the product, and also a foot pump - no adapter needed.