Sting 100 Rackets
Family Set of 4

£56.00 £46.67


Designed for a family (although clearly you don't have to be one) this handy set gives you two Sting Junior Badminton Rackets, two full-size Sting 100 Badminton Rackets in a drawstring racket bag, along with two shuttles.

It comes into its own at holiday time - takes up hardly any room in the boot of a car, meaning you've got badminton on tap - garden, park or beach.

You might like to take a look at our portable Badminton (and Multisport) nets, too, which come in 3m and 6m lengths.

  • 2 Sting 100 Badminton Rackets
  • 2 Sting 100 Junior Badminton Rackets
  • 2 Shuttles
  • 1 Drawstring Racket Bag