Badminton Sting 100 Rackets Coaches’ Pack of 12

£112.50 exc. VAT

12 of our excellent Sting 100 Badminton Rackets in a great value pack, and fitting nicely inside our new racket bag.

We've designed our drawstring racket bag to give it two broad carrying straps and extra capacity. So it's extremely comfortable : sling it over one shoulder, or wear over two, back-pack style.

Sting 100 Badminton Racket Specs

  • Head size: 53 square inches
  • Weight: 85-105g
  • Balance: head light
  • Length: 26 inch / 66cm
  • String tenison: Max 25 llbs
  • String pattern: 22 x 23
  • String colour: white
  • Grip: PU