Badminton | Sting 100 Racket


'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee', said the great former World Heavyweight Champion and Gold Olympic Winner Muhammed Ali of his individual boxing technique. 

Floating and stinging work for Badminton play, too.  And so we introduce our new Badminton Racket - the Sting 100.

It's tremendous value - a fused-frame racket, head light and easy to handle. Comfortable PU grip and sharp graphics. Specs below.

Floating? We can help you with the sting bit, but the float you'll have to do on your own :)

Sting 100 Badminton Racket Specs

  • Head size: 53 square inches
  • Weight: 95-105g
  • Balance:head light
  • Length: 26 inch/66cm
  • String tension: Max 25lbs
  • String pattern: 22 x 23
  • String colour: white
  • Grip: PU