Astrojax | V-Max


Astrojax V-Max is fast and slick, with high-quality translucent polycarbonate shells which minimize friction and provide smooth running action. High-tech design displaying  patented precision-machined metal weights.

Astrojax V-Max is brightly coloured for excellent daytime visibility (see Astrojax Saturn if LED lights are your thing).

V-Max as suits a high energy playing style and advanced play. Due to the hard shells, V-Max is less suited for rebound and body tricks than, say, the Brazil or MX Sport.

With Astrojax V-MAX comes a trick sheet and docking station. Wrap the Astrojax string around it, and keep your V Max close by - wear round your neck or loop over a belt. You need never be parted...

Colours: currently red, blue and yellow in stock. If you've a preference, state at the checkout.


Check out Astrojax in action: