Agility Footwork Ladder
Junior Safety Rung

£24.00 £20.00


A Throw Down Junior Safety Footwork Ladder for agility and footwork training,  featuring:

  • Flat, low profile safety 'rungs'
  • Lies flat to the ground
  • Rungs have textured underside, so grip the surface
  • Rungs have beveled edges, making them even more difficult to trip over
  • Strong webbing supports
  • Added Velcro loop to secure and hold rungs straight when folded
  • A drawstring carry bag

Use indoors or outdoors. Especially good for early footwork drills with Juniors and young children given its safety features,  but equally at home with footwork coaching for adults too.

Easy to pack and transport; handy Velcro straps it keep it folded, and comes with a drawstring carry bag.