Agility Footwork Ladder
Early Years Safety Rung

£15.00 £12.50


A 2m safe, bright and colourful Footwork Ladder for early years coaching - and fun games, too!

  • Flat, low profile safety 'rungs'
  • Lies flat to the ground
  • Rungs have textured underside, so grip the surface
  • Rungs have beveled edges, making them even more difficult to trip over
  • Strong webbing supports
  • An added Velcro loop to secure and hold rungs straight when folded
  • A drawstring carry bag

Use indoors or outdoors. Especially good for early footwork drills with young children given its safety features.

Easy to pack and transport - handy Velcros straps it keep it folded, and comes with a drawstring carry bag.