[YO]2 Delta Yo-yo | Orange


A yo-yo unlike any other, the [YO]2 Delta offers the fusion of an advanced yo-yo and a spinning top.

The cone-shaped high-tech yo-yo doesn’t just look strikingly different, it also plays on another level. The asymmetrical body is perfectly balanced to run as a smooth ballbearing yo-yo with amazing sleep

times. But the magic really starts when the [YO]2 Delta is launched horizontally during a yo-yo routine and landed on its tip.

Advanced players keep it spinning up to one minute performing dazzling tricks. The sleek jewel tip and the
adjustable gap guarantee optimal performance on any even surface.

[YO]2 Delta opens up exciting new creative possibilities and will challenge beginners as well as advanced
yo-yo players to think and play in a new dimension.

Age: 8+

Manufacturer: ACTIVE PEOPLE
Shape: Spin Top
Weight: 65g
Diameter: 52mm
Width: 52mm
Gap Width: 3mm
Gap Type: Adjustable (Shims Included)
Axle or Bearing Type: Bearing
Special Features: Adjustable Gap, Spin Top

Spin Top basics: