Throw Down Spots | 30cm Set of 12 | Blue


Blue Throw Down Spots in a set of 12.

Our Throw Down Spots aren't the flimsy, thin, curling marker discs you often see around. No indeed. Throw Down Spots are great quality (they're 3mm in depth) and larger sized - 30cm diameter, with a slip-resistant underside and bevelled edges. Made in the UK. 

So, a set of 12 Throw Down Spots, now in one of our fabulous custom-made carry bags.

Use to mark out areas of the court, as targets for running to or aiming at,  and as activity station markers.

  • Larger sized (30cm diameter) circular markers.
  • Nothing wimpy about these markers - they're a good 3mm in depth
  • Textured underside so non-slip on most surfaces
  • Bevelled edges to help prevent tripping
  • 2 x Sets of 6

Also available in a set of 6.