Tennis Coordination Exercises | Peter Farrell


A fantastic resource for coaches, teachers and parents. Fun coordination exercises, using balloons, tennis balls, hula hoops and cones, with challenges and progressions / adaptations for each.

"Coordination is a key skill in tennis, along with others such as speed, agility and dynamic balance. the past many children developed these skills as a by-product of 'play'. But nowadays we rarely see children playing on the street - taking part in chasing games, skipping or even just kicking or throwing a ball around."

"...Without the ability to bounce, catch or throw a ball in a controlled manner, children will find it very difficult to learn or enjoy tennis. How well coordinated a child is will help him or her decide whether to continue in tennis - or move to a less challenging activity. Even if they do not continue to play sports, developing good coordination skills will stand children in good stead throughout their lives."

Peter Farrell
From the introduction to Tennis Coordination Exercises

"It is widely accepted amongst the world's leading coaches (in many different sports) that a player's physical development is the single most important factor contributing to future success. these attributes need to be developed before all the specialised skills they may need to play their sport. Research tells us that the physical capacity challenged most when playing tennis is coordination.

Peter has drawn on his many years of experience as a tennis coach, a coach educator and a parent to put together this book. The exercises are presented in an easy to understand and simple to use format, ideal for coaches and parents alike."

Liam Cassidy
Chairman, Tennis Coach Ireland

About the Author
Peter Farrell has been involved in tennis coaching for more than 30 years. He works in the field of coach development in Ireland and has written coaches' training courses for Tennis Ireland. His work includes acting as tutor and assessor at all levels of the Tennis Ireland coaches' training scheme.