Portable Tennis Target Trainer


A hugely versatile training aid with wide application at all levels, our Target Trainer has the benefit of being extremely light and portable.

So it's easy to store, easy to carry about, and really quick to set up.

The product consists of a material target with sleeves, which fits neatly over a narrow frame.

All frame pieces are held together by bungee cord, so it's easy to assemble (and difficult to lose any). The central target has a detachable net, so you can either hit straight through or catch the balls.

How to use it? We designed the target to be highly visible above the height of a tennis net but can be placed anywhere of the court according to suit your coaching or drill.

Place the Target Trainer behind your tennis net to drill hitting through from the baseline (full court, orange court or Mini Tennis court) Ideal for practising hitting depth on ground-strokes. 

Lowering the target allows you to use the side poles (see images) as a target, too.

For younger players, Early Years or Inclusive groups,the 'catching net' comes into its own for fun games. Simple lower the target by sliding the sleeves down the poles, and you've got an accessible, easy target to bounce, throw or hit the ball through into the net.

Flexible, light, extremely portable, and comes with its own carry bag. The frame folds quickly down into a neat bundle.

Just wrap the velcro strap around it, and you're ready to go.

Made in the UK by Zsig.

Size:  Height 147cm  x Width 56cm x Base Legs 63cm